We would like to thank Henk de Weerd for his very generous donation which has sponsored the Mandrill Project at Tchimpounga Sanctuary.  


Friends Animal Insurance

Animal Friends Insurance is pleased to announce that they have now donated over £1 million pounds to animal welfare charities worldwide. The aim has been to donate to charities who work towards better welfare for all the animals that have suffered from cruelty, neglect and suffering. Animal Friends Insurance have supported projects ranging from small local cat and dog homes to large internationally-established organisations that help critically endangered animals.

With many pet owners struggling to make ends meet, some charities have seen over a 50% increase in abandoned animals over the last five years while daily care costs for rescued and abandoned animals are also consistently rising.
Elaine Fairfax, Founder and MD of Animal Friends said “I am absolutely thrilled to have reached our £1 million target. We have been able to help so many really worthy causes, it’s been hugely rewarding for all of us. We could not have been able to reach the one million pound target helping animals along the way if it was not for our policy holders. I know it’s changed the lives of many individual animals that have been saved from a life of despair. We won’t stop there though; we will continue to strive to support as many animal welfare charities as possible. ”
The money donated is generated by the people that take out policies with Animal Friends Insurance. It means every time someone takes out a policy they are donating to charity and helping other animals in need. A huge thank you to everyone that has taken part and supported the challenge.
To find out more please visit www.animalfriends.co.uk/charity-support 


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