Published 2021.
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After a blissful babyhood being cared for by her loving mother, Pangolina ventures out alone into the forest to become an independent adult, helped along by wise, older animal companions, including a civet and a bat. But one day cruel hunters trap Pangolina, putting her into a cage along with her friends and bring them to a market to be sold.

Pangolina is especially vulnerable, since her scales are prized by humans who believe they have curative powers. To the rescue comes a small girl who knows that pangolins are friendly fellow creatures who have feelings too, and who convinces her mother to buy Pangolina and set her free.

Pangolina advocates for wildlife conservation through her own tale of survival and hope. The book includes an authoritative informational page about pangolins, one of the most trafficked animals in the world and suggestions on how to help fight animal trafficking.

Hardback - ages 4-8 years old.

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