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Volunteer position for Agronomist in the West Africa Chimpanzee Conservation programme run by the Jane Goodall Institute in Senegal

Organization: Jane Goodall Institute

Position: Forestry engineer or related

Job Description: Forestry voluntary position. Forestry training in RNCD Dindefelo, south-east of Senegal. Natural resources management, study of NTFP extraction in the valley, soil loss prevention, project and document writing, forestry inventory, landscape restoration. Stakeholders conflict resolution among the population and the reserve.

Stay: Six months - one year

Tune in to Radio 3 this Sunday to hear Jane Goodall on ‘Private Passions’.

Date: Sunday 22nd May
Time: 12pm

Love nature

The Jane Goodall Institute is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership. Love Nature is a new 4k wildlife and nature video streaming service. Dedicated to supporting worldwide environmental conservation, Love Nature will donate a percentage of the proceeds of each purchase to wildlife and nature charities around the globe; including the Jane Goodall Institute.

A collaboration between the jane Goodall Institute and Cardiff University.