The Jane Goodall Institute relies entirely on the generosity of its supporters. Any donation, no matter how small, really makes a difference to the work we do both in Africa and the UK.

Dr Goodall’s pioneering study of wild chimpanzees, which began more than 55 years ago in Tanzania, revolutionised how we think about both chimpanzees and ourselves. Her research in Africa continues to this day and is the longest consecutive field study ever undertaken of any group of animals in the wild. Today Jane Goodall combines her scientific work with international advocacy on behalf of both wild and captive chimpanzees, other animals and a variety of conservation issues.

The Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre – Republic of Congo, Africa

Tchimpounga Sanctuary has more than 160 chimpanzees (and some other primates) in its care and is the largest refuge for chimpanzees that are orphaned through the bush meat trade (the commercial hunting of wild animals for food) in Africa. The centre is in the process of being upgraded and expanded and is a major resource and focus for the fight against the bush meat trade. The sanctuary is also developing community centred conservation programmes for the local community.

Your donations will cover all sorts of urgent requirements, from £20 to buy some formula to feed an infant chimpanzee for one week to £1,710 for a set of new Paddle Boards. Please donate today! Click on any of the links below to choose a donation amount. Thank you!




Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

The aims of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots are simple yet powerful: Every group, and there are groups from pre school through to university, undertakes activities in three areas; one to benefit the environment, one to benefit animals including domestic animals and one for the local community. There is a strong peace component linked to Jane’s UN Messenger of Peace role that encourages individuals from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, religions and socio-economic backgrounds to work together through a global communication network; and to help young people develop self-respect, confidence in themselves and optimism and hope for the future. The main message of Roots & Shoots: Every individual makes a difference - every day.

The Jane Goodall Institute offers three methods of donating.


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Gift Aid

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