Making a Difference

“Only if we understand can we care
Only if we care will we help
Only if we help shall all be saved”


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Why does The Jane Goodall Institute need my help?

Across the globe, our commitments continue to increase.  For example:  We run two sanctuaries in Africa for orphan chimpanzees, victims of habitat destruction and the bushmeat trade.  This is a long-term commitment on our part as chimps can often live well into their sixties.  Through our Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots programme we are educating the next generation worldwide to care for the planet.  In Africa, we are providing training in sustainable land use, tree nurseries, primary healthcare, family planning, AIDS education, water projects, scholarships for girls and micro-credit schemes for women.

It's over 55 years since Jane Goodall set foot on the beach at Gombe in Tanzania and began the journey towards a better planet for all. Her legacy and yours can ensure that vision continues.  Please consider including the Jane Goodall Institute UK in your will today – just add a codicil to an existing will, or remember us when you make one.  If you let us know of your generosity we will be able to keep you up to date on the amazing things that can be achieved through such support, and we would be able to arrange an opportunity for you to attend events with Jane.